Tropical Judgments by David Myles Robinson

Tropical JudgmentsTropical Judgments by David Myles Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, ignore that hideous cover. I almost delayed reading the book because I couldn’t stand to look at that cover. Thankfully I picked it up and began reading. I didn’t realize that this is a second in a series but the author provided enough background that I didn’t feel like I was missing a huge chunk of development. The characters are nice enough with some layering but they don’t feel completely fleshed out. This could be due to not getting to know them and their flaws from the first book so I won’t discount it here. The plot feels comfortably familiar without being a repeat of another book, movie or TV show. It has a bit of issue with flow; feeling a bit stop and start at times. Overall this is a good one sitting read and one I can easily recommend. I received an ARC through Smith Publicity in exchange for an honest review.



  1. Oh, definitely, in your situation with reviewing, that’s different. And of course I know better. I think we all do, right? BUT—when I’m browsing, there are thousands of books vying for my attention and it’s the cover and title that will get me to either pause or actually pick it up to check it out. It’s why both are SO important 🙂

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