They Are Watching What You Read . . .

I’m not very pleased to find this out. Seriously? Stay out of my e-readers!

So, I Read This Book Today

Borrowed from: Security Wars: Inside the Military’s Big, Messy Fight With Palantir, the Company They Pay to Spy on You Online

Warning: Rant Alert! 😉

Maria at Bear Mountain Books posted an article that caught my attention, and I think it is information that, if you haven’t read it already, you really should.

Keeping Tabs on Best-Seller Books and Reading Habits

The article points out something that I didn’t know – and which honestly gives me the “Creeping Willies” – you are being tracked, just like a terrorist or a criminal wearing an ankle bracelet.

e-book retailers are now able to tell which books we’ve finished or not finished, how fast we have read them, and precisely where we snapped shut the cover of our e-books and moved on to something else. – New York Review of Books –They’re Watching You Read by Francine Prose.

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