Undetected by Dee Henderson

UndetectedUndetected by Dee Henderson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I personally did not finish reading this book as I found it very boring with way too many details and quickly lost interest in the book. So, I gave the book to a friend who likes military stories. He actually read the whole book. His thoughts? “Too much focus on details when it should have been all about the characters and the story. Too many inconsistencies to ignore. Too much effort into dialogue between the two main characters making them seem unreal.” I can say it is a clean book as far as the romantic details and language but I couldn’t recommend it to anyone I know. I received an evaluation copy from Baker Publishing in exchange for a review.



  1. I tried to read this book, too, but quickly realized that it was very much like “Full Disclosure” & “Unspoken”… Too many unimportant details & boring. Not to mention that the — style? — of the dialogue just annoyed me. These three books have been such a disappointment after enjoying others by this author.


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